Benefits for Licensee(s)

Executive Overview

The demand for extracts from cannabis (Sativa and Indica) is enormous and rapidly increasing and the financial opportunities are likewise enormous. These are the various business estimates:

Benefits to society and the consumer


The Medical Market

Put succinctly the purpose of the Vapor Cartridge Technology is this: Be able to reliably and safely deliver a prescribed dose of cannabinoids (e.g. THC/CBD) in vapor form, to a patient’s lungs.

Botanical cannabis is not a medicine. However, we know that the cannabinoids extracted from botanical cannabis have great medical potential; but only if cannabinoid-based drugs can meet the requirements of medicine.

These are the patients’ expectations of a medicine

  • Safe and effective when taken as directed
  • Repeatedly accurate doses of the ingredients listed on the label
  • Side effects that are listed and explained
  • Can be conveniently, and of course, legally, purchased at any pharmacy
  • A doctor’s prescription may likely be required
  • The drug(s) are all FDA-approved as are the drug delivery device(s).
  • Most preferably, reasonably priced and covered by insurance

After studying the Science section, you will be convinced that the Vapor Cartridge Technology can meet all of the patient’s expectations at a very low production cost and meet the highest quality standards. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are many thousands of words.

Benefits to society and the consumer

Adult Use


The Recreational Market

A clearly stated goal, among all states that have legalized recreational cannabis, has been to eliminate the marijuana black market by allowing, strictly regulated, sales of cannabis for adult recreational use. Eliminating the black market has not been the outcome and for a very obvious reason. The unregulated black market supply chain provides the same product (raw botanical cannabis) at a much lower price. In fact, some reports show continued growth of the black market in many states where recreational cannabis is legal. Reference

Based on my years of business experience I can state this as a fact. The black market will continue to thrive as long as raw botanical cannabis is the end retail product and it is in high demand by consumers. The way to eliminate the black market is to provide a far superior product and use the power of the market to move customer demand from raw botanical cannabis to processed cannabis. Figure 10 graphically depicts this fundamental concept: cleanly extract the cannabinoids and directly deposit them, in concentrated form, inside a Vapor Cartridge.

Figure 11 clearly shows the dramatic advantages, at all levels in the supply chain, of processing raw botanical cannabis crops into Vapor Cartridges. Please consider this valid and relevant analogy: The distribution of music increasingly moved to more convenient and durable media (vinyl to tape to CD audio to MP3 digital) because it was the music that people wanted not the media. Likewise, it is the cannabinoid vapors, the “music”, that the consumer wants.

(Cannabinoid vapors are depicted as in figure 11)

Consider this, the proposed supply chain in California to service the consumer demand for cannabinoid vapors is to ship trimmed and dried cannabis flower buds to dispensaries in accordance with a state-regulated process. It is then up to the consumer to purchase the trimmed and dried cannabis flower buds from state-regulated dispensaries, take them home, and, using heat, process out the cannabinoid vapors from the raw cannabis and then inhale them.

The supply chain servicing the demand for cannabinoid vapor using the Vapor Cartridge Technology is significantly more efficient. The cannabinoid extraction process is clean, accurate, and very efficient. The Vapor Cartridge can utilize the existing supply chain for alcoholic beverages, making it far more efficient and far more convenient for the customer. And, assuming at this point that cannabinoid products will be legal, the purchase can be made with a credit card! This is a very important point since all black-market marijuana is traded only for cash or for illegal weapons.

The ability to utilize the nationwide, cost-effective, job-producing, well-regulated supply chain infrastructure that has been built, over many decades, for the distribution of alcoholic beverages is a huge paradigm shift that will, in time, eliminate the consumer demand for raw cannabis or marijuana as a retail product.

Benefits to the US economy