Potential Licensees

Pharmaceutical Companies

Given the myriad medical benefits of cannabis extracts and the enormous market size it is no wonder that Pharmaceutical Companies are aggressively investing into the medical cannabis industry.


However, there is no technology on the market today that can deliver cannabis extracts in vapor form to meet the strict requirements of the FDA. As was explained in the Competitive Analysis section, ingesting through the pulmonary tract is the highly preferred method for most users. A pharmaceutical company could significantly benefit from utilizing a patented FDA approved drug delivery system to deliver patented FDA approved drugs. Such a company could also sublicense the technology to other pharmaceutical companies that develop noncompetitive drugs.

Tobacco Companies

Tobacco companies are in a unique position to benefit from the legalization of recreational use of cannabis. The climate and soil for growing tobacco is ideal for growing cannabis and they have the equipment and skills for producing “pre-rolled joints”. However, “pre-rolled joints” must compete with the black market. Furthermore, if they plan to offer a vaporizer product there are a host of handheld vaporizers already on the market. All of them use ground dry flower heads as the source material. To compete a supplier must win over customers with a better overall product. Vapor Cartridge Technology can enable that.

Producers of adult beverages

Big Cannabis Cultivators

The major issue facing legal cannabis growers is the black market.

The reason for the strength of the black market is straight forward. Black marketers are selling the same retail product (dried flower heads) at a much lower price. The technical presentation in the Science section demonstrated that the Vapor Cartridge Technology will result in product that, even after taxation, is lower cost than the black market; and it is counterfeit proof! And will be very convenient to purchase and use. The value of the cash crop will increase as a source for processing into a vapor cartridge.

Here are some of the larger Cannabis Cultivators.

Manufacturers of extraction & processing equipment

First off, there are a lot of them and they all use a solvent of some type (such as ethanol, butane, super critical CO2) to extract the essential oils (cannabinoids, and terpenes) for use in tinctures, topicals, CBD infused oil based inhalers, and oromucosal sprayers ( e.g. Sativex® by G.W. Pharmaceuticals ) . By way of example here are a few companies in this crowded industry.

Note: Legal commercial THC infused inhalers are plagued by illicit counterfeit refill oils.

All these companies sell capital equipment to companies that extract essential oils then process them to sell as retail products. A business that includes manufacturing and selling Vapor Cartridge Technology equipment would be in addition to their solvent extraction business.

Savvy cannabis Entrepreneurs on the west coast.

The whole west coast (Washington State, Oregon, California) is the perfect location to launch a new business based on the “Wine Business Model”. There are ample sources of supply, a large customer base and friendly state governments. There are also ample technical and manufacturing capabilities to commercialize the Vapor Cartridge Technology.